Its literally about me..

Sade. 21. London.

I’m slightly new to blogging, I started back last year and then gave up because that’s how I am… but I’ve realised over time that this is something I really enjoy. So I’m going to provide you with my interests, tips  and visions.

I have pretty much most of the social media accounts out there, I watch most of the latest TV shows, music channels, videos etc. So I am also going to try and write topics on what is hot right now for you guys. Hopefully you can let me know what you like and what topics you would like me to write about.

I just want to remind everyone that this is my page and my opinion, so hopefully I won’t offend anybody. I don’t want to be like the blogs that call people or celebs fat, ugly or say their dress sense is whack. I’m trying to bring something brighter to the internet!

My page will be about uplifting people and not shutting them down, so please keep any negative comments off my page girllll!

Anyways I hope you all enjoy my posts, if there’s anything I can improve on please let me know.

Thanks xx


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  1. Nag says:

    So refreshing, expressing yourself without hurting others and not being offensive just to gain notoriety, being uplifting with good positive interests, feelings and lifestyles. COOL

    Liked by 1 person

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