Winter Wrap Up Edition

Good Evening Beauties, it’s been a while! I hope you’re all still stuffed from your Christmas dinners and enjoying the time off like myself, if not I still hope you’re enjoying your best life!


Now the question I need to ask is have you found the perfect winter jacket? If not don’t worry there’s still plenty of time to go shopping and buy THE perfect winter coat. A few coats/jackets caught my eye whilst shopping recently and I thought why not let my followers know which ones to snap up and snap up fast! A coat features as the centrepiece of the winter wardrobe, it’s the item we end up wearing the most throughout the season. If you’re like me it’s probably your most-anticipated buy (and the most last-minute).

Here’s my list of a few jackets and coats I’ve seen and thought were worth purchasing:

The Infamous Teddy Bear Jacket: This is my number one on the Wrap Up Warm list especially for the winter weather in the UK.

The Faux Fur Jacket:

Rain Mac-King:

The Trench Coat:

My favourite – The Puffer Jacket:

I hope you guys enjoyed this edit, be sure to check out more posts like this on my page. I will be doing another edit focusing more on online brands such as:, Missguided, boohoo, asos, and Fashionnova so keep an eye out!










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