Fenty Beauty


Times is ticking…

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is out tomorrow people! Have you saved enough to purchase?

If you didn’t know already, you definitely know now. The Goddess herself has now created a beauty line, in which she is celebrating diversity to the fullest! Rumor has it the foundations come in a staggering 40 shades, the first products to drop will be lipglosses and highlighters.

The line is finally launching in the UK on September 8 2017, it will be sold globally with retailers  Harvey Nichols and Sephora. On the Fenty Beauty website, you can join an email list for news of product launches and releases. The site also has links to the brand’s Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook accounts.

What’s amazing and that I personally love already are the videos and imagery released on Instagram which showcase a focus on diversity, with models Duckie Thot, Slick Woods, Selena Forrest and Halima Aden all starring, and sporting the much-anticipated products.


If you’re a beauty fanatic and RiRi fan these shouldn’t be hard to purchase, it looks like I’ll be doing an all-nighter to grab a few of these products! It’s also been rumored that the prices are below £30…



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  1. I am so excited for this collection and it’s coming out on my birthday 🙂


    1. ItsMeSadee says:

      Same!! Oo lucky you that means people can gift you with some products. Have a Happy Birthday from me x 🎉🎂


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