#100 blog posts

That’s right guys, this is my 100th blog post!!

Kinda freaking out right now as I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep blogging and not give up. For those of you that continue to read my blog, like and share my posts I am so grateful. Still surprised that people sit and take the time to read what I’m writing about and actually like or connect with it.

Legit couldn’t be happier right now, on that note I actually had absolutely nothing to write about today (writer’s block) and then this amazing thing happens…Shout out God! Without him I wouldn’t even be here (sorry to the people not very spiritual). Shout out to my friends and family that continue to support me and read my posts because I force them they want to.

Last but by no means least shout out to you amazingly wonderful people out there that still read and support what people do. For some this is just a hobby, others it’s a dream job and every little helps, every click, every like, every share. I’m all about supporting people so if there are any bloggers, vloggers, artists, musicians, anyone out there that inspires you enough to view their work/art then please comment on this post for others to view also.

Continue to do what you love, and to live life as full as you can. You only get one life, make the most of it. Don’t settle, achieve more and be more. Consistency is key but it’s not always possible, therefore try and try again.

Success is a journey not a destination. *pause*

Forever blessed, forever grateful, enjoy the rest of your day guys xx



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