The Squiggle Brow?

Heyy guys, it’s a beautiful day today in London. I started to look through my blog posts and realised I haven’t done a beauty post in quite a while and just as I thought this…a new trend has arrived!

The Squiggle Brow

It sounds like some kind of either superhero, villain or a cartoon character but hey it turns out to be a new beauty trend (that I won’t be following).

Now, if you didn’t know already there have been way too many eyebrow trends for 2017.

We’ve had the mono-brow, feathered brow, spiky brow, many more and now the squiggle brow.

Beauty addicts and bloggers are going crazy for this weird trend and are morphing their brows into squiggly lines, Bizarre! I can’t even fill in my brows to look half decent and then these beauty wizards start creating crazy trends, I can’t lie it looks cool and quirky; a perfect brow for Halloween. The trend seems to have originated from Instagrammer: Melovemealot. Others have also created the look and even edited the brows of Beauty Guru Huda Kattan.

I hope you enjoyed, let me know how you feel about this trend or if any of you have attempted the look definitely send me a pic.
Have a lovely day xx

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