New Week, New Beginnings

Good afternoon beauties even though it’s so gloomy in the UK! I’ll keep this one short and sweet…

As you all know Monday means the beginning of a new week and the best time to set new goals, create new ideas, eat healthy, etc. Well this particular Monday my best-friend is taking the biggest jump of her life and moving to Florida. Now, I couldn’t be more proud of my friend than I already am for taking such a huge risk to fulfill a lifelong dream.

My friend is not only the best friend any one could ask for she’s like another sister to me and she’s inspired and pushed me to do things every since I met her. Now she’s taking those boundaries to new levels and this inspires me to do way more with my life. In life you have to take risks, you have to jump and strive for what you want because let’s face it, it’s not going to be handed to you (unless you’re rich).

If you have a plan in your head,  a dream you’ve been feeding since young or even recently…go for it! What is really holding you back? Money, family, friends? Make a plan and change your outlook so that your dream is achievable.

Anyone can make it, will it be you? 

This mini part goes out to my best-friend (because I’m moist) – Anunca I had to dedicate this post to you, being that you are the bestest friend I have ever encountered, you listen, you’re kind, you’re hilarious and not a day goes by without us talking. You’ve been there for me through thick and thin and never doubted me even when I feel like I’ve made a mistake. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart, I hope you find exactly what you want and I pray for your happiness to never end. Don’t worry about us, we’ll still speak everyday. Can’t wait to join you out there and see what havoc you’ll be causing in the States…I’m forever grateful and blessed to call you not only my best friend, my sister. Love you x

(Love to all my friends and family before they feel some type of way x)

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