Bring on the Bromance

That’s right guys, it has been confirmed…Chris & Kem are the first couple to land their own spin-off show!

And we all thought it was over, Kem took to instagram  last night:


The boys begin filming for their brand new show this week. The series will be all about their bromance and what happened from the point of them leaving the villa until now.

As we all know these two became a major talking point throughout the series, they were destined to do more after the show and they have! I wonder if a tune will be in the making…@Stormzy1 where you at?

At least we’re all in store for some more laughs and entertainment. I have to say this years Love Island has definitely topped my list for all the shows that have aired. Loved the laughs, loved the drama and loved the people. What’s more to enjoy?

Well as these two grow within their relationship it looks like troubles come for Montana and Alex who have recently split (as soon as they got out). Camilla and Jamie are still going strong, and are currently filming a refugee documentary and of course our winners Kem and Amber are doing amazing! Who’s looking forward to what’s to come from everyone in the Villa?



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