Power ~ who’s on job?

Good morning World! So you’ve all had the chance to catch up over the weekend if need be, if you haven’t watched it then read no further! Let’s get straight into it…

I’ll start with a little recap – Ghost is back to business, straight out of prison and straight back into suits and checking in on all his sources of income. Obviously this wasn’t going to last long for Ghost, as straight away he finds himself in a predicament and this time it’s with his enemy Kanan and his son Tariq. Tariq was being held ransom for a large sum of money however it seems as though Kanan does have a good side as he let Tariq free and shot his friend Jukebox!

RIP Julio one of the best distributors killed by the Toros Locos and Dre. Dre is still trying to climb his way up, and now it looks like he’s ready to kill anyone in his way to get there. However with the hit he put on Julio, Tommy is looking for revenge. I feel like this could be a war brewing… We finally meet ‘The Jimenez’ they are brother and sister Diego and Alicia who are the number ones in Mexico. Tommy insists that they owe him and that he wants part of the Toros Locos territoy back, we’ll see how this ends…

Tommy finds out that his father is still alive and is in fact Tony Teresi the con that witnessed Ghost kill an officer. Teresi has asked for Tommy to go and visit him in prison but Tommy only cares about Ghost being freed. Meanwhile Ghost’s also having parenting troubles with his kids becoming slightly out of control. Tariq clearly doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t seem to care about being kidnapped the other day, Raina overhears some information she shouldn’t have and now wants to know everything.

Ohh, you thought I was finished?

Tasha has gone and slept with Silver…

Now he is one fine specimen but we all know what kind of bad things are going to be in store for Silver now, who thinks he’ll survive? I don’t and I don’t think Proctor will either now that Tommy and Ghost know that he was the last one with the tape and he got rid of the Homeland Security’s body. Both Tommy and Ghost are very vulnerable in this situation and we know what usually happens in these situations (someone goes missing).

Alright, alright I’m almost done! You’ll be happy to know that finally Sandoval has been caught on tape heading upstairs into Ghost’s office before anyone else, this tape has been viewed by Angela, Donovan and now Saxe…it’s not looking very good for Sandoval!

Now we just have to wait and see what is to come, I can’t lie I genuinely get upset when the episodes finish, I’m hooked!

I hope you enjoyed my little overview of the episode yesterday, hopefully you’re all up to date! xx


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