Summer Ready?

What an amazing afternoon it is?

The past week in the UK has been beautiful to say the least weather wise, hopefully it continues. With it being so lovely outside I thought why not let me write on what’s probably on most peoples minds…’Am I Summer ready?

My answer is a definite ‘NO’ haha! However I have only just decided to get my butt in gear and here is how:-

1 – For the buff bod (Eating) –  Summer is the best time to start eating healthy, I know we should do this all year round but the easiest time is summer. You don’t really want to be eating hot meals during summer whilst you’re sweating, so why not dig into a lovely, delicious and colourful salad. It’s a great time of year to eat fruits, light snacks and cold drinks such as water. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

2 – For the buff bod (Exercising) – This weather is actually the perfect kind to workout in, whether it’s walking, running, gym, jogging, swimming, etc. I go on a 1.5 hour walk through my area, it gives me time to clear my head and evaluate my life whilst keeping fit and active. P.S. I’ve only just started so trying to make it a habit…

3 – Money – Saving can be a hardship in summer, everyone is out whether it’s shopping, BBQs, raves, parties, what not, you always end up spending money. So try and start small by holding onto coins you may not see often e.g. £2 coins, hold onto small notes e.g. £5 and see how much you have in a weeks time. You can then use that on your weekends/nights out on the town.

4 – Clothing – Have I even shopped for summer? What I’m trying to do is buy little and often. So each week, I set aside an amount for new summer clothes to be purchased that way I have something new each week!

5 – Extra bodily bits – These are things such as your hair and nails, sun is a huge nutrient those in the UK miss out on as it’s barely sunny. However now we can get the nutrition we need in small doses from the suns natural rays, make sure to get some of that sun and don’t let it go to waste!

If I can achieve each of these, I should be summer ready whilst summer is taking place! Maybe next year I’ll actually plan in advance! But if you’re like me and haven’t got your summer bod, summer finances, or summer clothes then you can follow some of my little tips above to get you right on track!



I hope it helps! Have a lovely day guys xx


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