Ayee it’s Wednesday! Happy hump day to my beautiful readers out there, this ones and exciting one…

Exactly one week ago today, my sister @misssleigh was invited to attend a photoshoot for #StudiowithDesthy, I had asked to tag along to take some images and write about the experience on my blog. We were told who she’d be working with which is the amazing @desthydee an Insta (Instagram) famous blogger, she has her own YouTube, blog and now #studiowithdesthy which is an experience to help others learn to do what she does and grow in the blogging/modelling industry.

So we get to our location…Is it not the only Simmi shoes headquarters!! Yes the first thing we did was run to the shoe closet, a whole closet filled with heels, boots, flats, sliders in pretty much all styles you could think of. *faints* We then met with Desthy who we have met before and as I’ve mentioned she’s a lovely and hilarious character. We’re all talking getting to know each other and the other 5 models… it turns out that the girls were to model for @gold_getter and Simmi shoes!!

This is the exciting part…they had so many tops to choose from I was then allowed to be a part of the modelling for the day! Amazing I know right, so as you can imagine the shoot and the girls were unbelievable, such beautiful and nice girls, overall the experience was beyond amazing. I had to share it with you all so that if you wish to pursue a career in blogging or modelling there are always people out there to help you, and I would recommend working with @desthydee 1000 times over!

Check out some of the images I did manage to catch in between take and breaks:


I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to follow the beautiful models involved in the shoot @misssleigh @aaliyahblackwood  @mxaarvchelle @quiiiddy @_tanisha.c @shaznayyyy_ and of course our mother of all things fashion @desthydee

Be sure to check out Simmi shoes as well, once you subscribe you’ll receive 15% off your first order and they always have promotions and great new items! Also make sure you grab one of the tees worn above from the fabulous Gold Getter clothing.



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