My favourite brushes ever…

Hello beauty lovers, so as you can see from the title this is about my favourite brush sets that I own. Now before I start let me just say I am a Morphe fan, lover and hoarder, so they are definitely my main favourites for brushes… Let’s begin guys, so I have 2 Morphe brush sets, the basic Sleek makeup brush set and have recently been gifted with the Zoeva rose gold brush set. Other than those sets all other brushes I own have been brought by themselves and not in sets.

In no particular order, I will list the names of the sets and what I like most about them…

Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set – Was $39.99 and sold out very quickly after it’s release I’m actually surprised I managed to get my hands on them! With 12 brushes and a copper container, each brush is only a little over $3 — not including the container. 6 of the brushes are for your face and the other 6 are for your eyes (eyeshadow), 11 are made up of natural bristles and the only one that is synthetic is the dual fibre. It was an amazing deal and a good buy, one thing about me is I love brushes but I hate having to use them because they look so damn good! Overall the brushes are super-soft and I love them.

Morphe Set 686 – 18 piece Vegan Brush Set – $49.99 still available. These brushes are great for any type of liquid or cream application, but can also be used on powder products for a flawless application #wordtoBeyonce. They are 100% vegan (non-animal product) Most of these brushes get used in my everyday makeup routine and night out, I literally use them for everything! My favourites from this set would have to be the powder brush, this I use to remove my powder from my face rather than using it to apply powder. After that it would have to be the deluxe blending crease brush, this literally does what it’s called and I swear by it, it’s so soft!! Then it would have to be the deluxe fan brush, it’s so large and actually quite fun to use, of course I love all the brushes but those 3 are my fave from the set.


Sleek Make-up Brush Set – £12.99 still available. Now this is a very basic set but it’s great! Now this set has 7 brushes with a variety of them being made from natural and synthetic fibres. They also come with a travel-friendly pouch contained within a make-up catcher that prevents the pouch and handbags from getting messy. For me the main brushes I use in this set would have to be the 2 eyeshadow brushes and the blusher brush. They all do their job perfectly and it’s a great set to always have on the go.



Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 1 Complete Brush Set – £110 still available. Now I have only recently been gifted with this set for my birthday so I can’t actually comment on the set but as soon as I do use it I will give you all an update! All information on this set can be found on their website or check it out on Beauty Bay – Rose Golden Vol. 1 Complete Brush Set.

I hope you all enjoyed and if you have any favourite makeup brands that have amazing brushes please feel free to share xx



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