Lupe Fiasco?

Okay so this post actually has nothing to do with the musician Lupe Fiasco, it’s a play on words.

I was speaking to a friend yesterday about relationships, seeing people, dating, etc. Now we know and most people should know that when you’re seeing/linking someone there becomes a bit of confusion, you haven’t been claimed yet or you haven’t claimed someone. So depending on which side of it you’re on there will be a bit of an awkward stage. See now there’s people that actually like this stage and I’m here to talk about those people.

I call them the Loop-Holes, hence Lupe Fiasco because it can become quite a fiasco.

A loop-hole individual likes the following:-

  • Not being claimed – This way they can carry on the single life but also have someone that they see regular for comfort or purposes of boredom, it may even be that they have developed feelings but are too scared to commit.
  • Not being claimed – They’re able to state to that individual they’re seeing just how single they are, I call them The Reminder – Like bitch we know we haven’t been claimed yet, we doing what you doing…
  • Not being claimed – Usually a loop-hole has more of the hold on the person they’re seeing and they’re able to make all the decisions e.g. when they see each other, what they do, where they go etc.
  • Not being claimed – Status – Usually a loop-hole is quite well-known and could possibly be wanted by many so they like to keep their options open.

So as you know with all my blog posts, I like to give just a little insight but not too much information…how will life go on if I spill all our secrets?



As always, I hope you enjoyed and stay away from the Loop-Holes. Now if you’re in trouble you can just scream on the low Lupe Fiasco and people will know what you’re talking about.

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