Wishlist #1

Talk about being away forever?!

I’m sorry to everybody reading this right now, I have absolutely no excuses a part from the plain and simple fact that I am lazy! I have had this draft sitting in the lil draft folder for about 2 weeks now, so I finally slapped myself and said…’Let’s get to it!!

So anywho, my post today is my first ever wishlist! (woohoo) I never really create wishlists because if I don’t get what I want I’ll get angry and just be in a mood with the world; but I thought I can create some that I probably won’t end up buying because they’re either too expensive, unrealistic or aren’t sold in the UK…

So let’s begin!

1 – Tammy Hembrow – Ok so she is clearly not sold in the UK (LOL kidding) my wishlist will be consisting of things I want to achieve/goals and things I want to buy. Hence Tammy Hembrow, her body is kind of my goals except she’s a little too tiny for me but I like her fitness ethic and her motivation. She actually has a site for all her fitness plans/ideas go check out Tammy Hembrow Fitness. Go Tammy go!


2 – Anastasia Beverly Hills – New lip palette, who doesn’t want this?! This palette is to die for, you can mix and match each of the colours, create new colours, even ombre effects. There are 18 different colours to choose from, if you have it already let me know if it’s worth buying (I’m certain it is). If not no fear, this is available to buy on the Anastasia Beverly Hills .com site. If you live in the UK and didn’t know yet, they do have a UK site and shipping is free when you spend over £25!!


3 – Louis Vuitton X Supreme– I’ve never really been a fan of the Supreme clothing line because so many people jumped on it as soon as it came out and I kind of prefer following my own fashion rather than being a sheep…however that being said, their collection with Louis Vuitton is beyond luscious!! This collab debuted on the Paris runway for FW17. The collection includes small accessories, bags, holdalls, trainers, as well as cut-and-sew goods like denim baseball shirts. Here are some of my favourite items from the show (there were too many to choose just a few):-


4- Balenciaga Race Runners – These trainers have been out for a while but I think they look so stylish and sleek and I really want a pair…to any of my friends reading this…HI bestie!!! These can easily be brought online and come in various colours, my favourite colours are all red and the all white with green soles. These can be purchased directly from the Balenciaga site.


5 – Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette – You know my post wouldn’t look right if Kylie wasn’t involved. Well she has recently released another amazing and beautiful eyeshadow palette. This palette is quite colourful, it comes with a mirror and a brush! Woo go Kylie for adding extras for us makeup addicts. This can be brought only on the Kylie Cosmetics site, don’t try going anywhere else just because they have offers or may appear cheaper!


I hope you all enjoyed this post! I will try as always to be more consistent, do any of you have any wishlists? If so let me know!

Enjoy your day beauties xx


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