It’s almost here…

Time to get those butts into gear!



We are literally a few weeks away from the New Year, are your Christmas lists all crossed off… Have you done all the shopping you’ve needed? Have you invited all the family you were supposed to? What about the food shopping?  eyes

Well what about the questions to prepare yourself for 2017?  In all honesty how did 2016 go for you? I can tell you now, this year has been one of the worst but best at the same time!! Bad energies and people were dropped, I’ve lost and then got a job, I got a new car, I’ve gained and lost weight (back and forth) I’ve been in and out of a relationship. Basically a lot of good and bad things have happened this year. But the real question is ‘How will I prepare myself for 2017?’

What are my goals for 2017? Where do I want to be? Where do I see myself? Who do I see myself with? (friends/relationship)

If you need help, what I’ve done is created a vision book, you can create a vision board or literally just write these questions down and answer them. For me it’s easier to see where I want to be with images and quotes and by speaking things into existence.



I hope 2016 ends perfectly for everyone and I hope 2017 starts exactly as you wish! xx


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