Am I there yet?

Hello lovely people, it’s such a gloomy day in the UK! So I wanted to empower some people… Most of the time my Living posts literally relate to my life at that present moment, so the title for this piece is ‘Am I there yet’

Are you? I’m not, I’m far from and I need to start doing something about it!! I’ve become lazy again *cries*.

See now I’m 21, so I’m at that age where you want to have it all together but don’t. It’s not even me that wants to have it all together, that’s the funny part, it’s the pressures of this world we live in. Most people my age, want to be rich, with a mansion, fast car, buff partner, etc. Now please re-read my last sentence…all of that at age 21, not to say it’s not possible but make plans within your means and not others. There are plenty of millionaires/billionaires that had no clue what to do at my age and still managed to make it.

For example: pathway-to-success_o_2971831

That’s not to say, sit around and be a bum until something clicks in your head at age 46 but if you start working towards where you want to be from now, you can get there. Just don’t over work yourself or set an unrealistic deadline. ‘God’s plan is greater than any you can think of’ believe in that quote, it’s true. You may not believe in a God but your creator’s plan then is greater than any you can think of. Don’t force ideas just for the love of the money, that’s called greed.

Do something you love and would want to do for a living and be the best in it. Who’s to say you can’t do what you want to do, don’t let others crush your ideas or your thoughts because they don’t believe in you, even though it’s mainly because they think you can do it and don’t want to see you succeed. Mind who you tell your ideas to, as that negative energy can actually have an impact on your success.

Have a great day guys, stay blessed xx



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