You are not ALONE.

Do you ever get when you think that you’re carrying the largest load of stress/baggage and that no time in your life can ever be as worse as the present time that you’re thinking this? Well I’m here to tell you that no matter what baggage/load/stress you are carrying times will get easier and they will get better!

I believe strongly in a God, I also believe that God puts us all through tests throughout our lives to make us stronger. The same way you go to school, then to college and then Uni those courses that you study don’t have the same level of difficulty each year you attend, they’re created to get harder to push you to your limits and to see your level of capability. I believe that God does the same thing.

Now, my point in this post is to let everyone out there know that no matter what you’re going through, there are always people out there willing to help and listen. Don’t suffer in silence may it be because of embarrassment/pride/fear etc. Let those closest to you know what you’re going through and I can assure you they will help and if you don’t have close ones look for someone else to confide in a colleague/the lady in the library/the geezer at the pub. The point is to not care who it is but to ensure you let it out, channeling that inner pain and stress and being able to share part of that with someone else is very powerful and essentially hard to do but it will HELP.

I now know and have realised that I have special and important people around me 25/8. My dearest loved ones and friends support me no matter what, no matter how stupid I’ve been or how horrible I can be. I also do the same back for them! If anyone, including anyone reading this ever needs my help, I am here.


I hope you’ve all had a great week, tomorrow is Friday wahoo!! xx


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