Smile Train ~ Kylie Jenner

Good evening lovely people it’s around 9pm in the UK and I thought I would do a quick post on something I found quite interesting and inspiring.

You guys already know my love for Kylie Jenner and today she gave a $150,000 cheque to Smile Train. Smile TrainĀ is an international children’s charity which helps children with cleft lips and enables them to smile again. Smile Train’s vision:Ā is to ensure every child born with a cleft lip can lead a full and productive life.

I think this is a great and positive thing that Kylie has accomplished, many other celebrities that have been involved with Smile Train are: Lucy Hale, Quincy Brown, Karrueche Tran, The Late Robin Williams, Hilary Swank and many more. This is a great cause and movement that more people should be aware of. We take so many things for granted such as straight teeth, full lips, high cheek bones, nice eyes, etc. There are people that suffer everyday from anxiety and depression over their insecurities, so take the time out to realise you are beautiful without makeup, your hair is gorgeous in it’s natural state and your body is sexy naked. Appreciate the skin you’re in and the body/life you were given, everyone struggles but look deep inside you to find your excellence because it’s there…

Be grateful for your life, appreciate your loved ones and excel in all things you do.

I wish you all nothing but positivity, goodnight guys!! (I’m not really going bed yet but I hope ya’ll sleep good) xx


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