Instagram ~ Hot Topics & Faves 🔥

Heyyy guys! I wanted to share with you all my favourite bloggers, vloggers and celebs on Instagram and hot topics they’ve recently shared…

So my number 1 fave on Instagram goes to: @sherlinanym – This girls posts are amazing literally!! She’s all things fashion and tags everything she’s wearing, discount codes or places where to buy exclusive items e.g. trainers that are to be released on or crepsource. So Sherlina’s big news this week, was that she’s finally hit 1 million followers on instragram! Congrats hun!!!


Number 2 goes to: @jaydepierce – Jayde does a little bit of everything, from makeup to hair to fashion to holiday vlogs, I also follow Jayde on Snapchat she is absolutely hilarious and seems like a lovely girl! Her great news which she announced yesterday is that her and her boyfriend are having a baby! She is #6months preggo right now and I’m sure we all can’t wait to see how cute their new addition will be! Congratulations to Jayde and Mike!


Number 3 goes to: @madeleinebitic – Madeleine is bae! This girl posts THE hottest outfits, trends and always has a discount code for her followers, this is what we like to see guys! We want discounts, we want what they’re wearing, we want to be like them! No I’m just kidding but we do want their clothes!! Madeleine is another Instagram bae that has just announced that she too is going to be having a baby…Congrats to you and your partner!


Number 4 goes to: @KylieJenner – ‘The bae of all baes‘ the baddest in the game right now had to be save until last, I know 4 is a bit of an awkward number to leave it on but it’s ‘bae of all baes’ so it’s fine! So as you all know Kylie Jenner is killing the fashion industry, I don’t care what anyone says, from her figure, crazy hair colours, shoes, outfits…Number 1 right now! Kylie is forever in the media and her family stay at the top because they keep killing it. Kylie has revealed her new eyeshadow palette just in time for fall and Halloween, this one is called ‘ The Burgundy Palette’, if you follow her snapchat you would’ve also seen that recently  her and Tyga (her current bae) threw a birthday party for his son King which looked very lit! She’s also slammed reports that she’s had any body modifications and she’s put it all down to her gaining extra pounds (lbs). Well I’ll leave it to the public to decide on that one…On that note, here are some pics of Kylie slaying!!


Let me know who your favourite bloggers, vloggers, artists, etc on Instagram are too guys, I hope you enjoyed my post xx


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