New buys ~ Kiko Milano Makeup Proucts

Beauties, how’s life?

Mine’s quite peachy at the moment I can’t lie, I’ve had a good week! But I won’t get into that right now, what I wanted to talk about was my new makeup products. So I know I only brought 3 products but this was my first time buying products from Kiko so I wanted to just get a lil something to try.

Well let me tell you…I am over the moon with my purchases. Girlll if you could see the black eyeshadow in real life the way it glistens is crazy and it was only £2.90!! It’s shade 178 called Macropearly Black, you do have to apply a bit of the eyeshadow to get the desired colour you want, I like the glitter to be showing and it to be quite packed on my lids for the best affect. The white colour is also only £2.90 (still can’t believe it) and shade 169 called Macropearly White. This colour I still need to see if it can work on it’s own on my lids or if I can use it as a contrasting shade on top of another colour.

As for the lip pencil now that’s a whole different story, this colour is too much I love it! It’s like a rose gold which shimmers in the light. This lip pencil was only £3.90 and shade number 02 called Beige Glitter.

I will do looks with these on my YouTube channel for you guys, it will probably be within the next two weeks or so…make sure you check out my latest video: itsmesadee

Thanks for reading guys, have an amazing weekend xx






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  1. We really need to try this brand! We’ve heard nothing but amazing things! xx, Britta & Carli from

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    1. ItsMeSadee says:

      Aww Yeahh you should!! It’s really good and reasonably priced 🙂 xx


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