Goal Setting


It. Is. Possible. Say it with me.

Listen, I have recently had what feels like a revelation. I’ve taken the time out to write down my goals, plans and what I want in life. So now it’s time to put it into action and so can you.

The way I’ve done it is, I have Pukka Pad which has tabs and different sections for you to organise and use to your own choice. For me I have 5 sections, one for goals/future plans, one for money, one for a healthier lifestyle, one for work, one about me. Now I’ve tried doing this like every year since 2013 and I usually stick to it for about a day, but this time feels different and I actually feel focused as if I need to make it and that’s my goal.

One of my goals in life is literally to be a positive influence in peoples lives through blogging, vlogging and social media. I am tired of seeing blogs bash others and tired of the hate in this world, I literally want to bring something new to the table. Now I’m from a ‘not broke’ but ‘not rich’ background, I would say middle class but we struggled more than we succeeded back in the day but where I am now along with my family members is a drastic change and I’m so proud of them all. I say this due to the fact that I also want to be a realistic vlogger and blogger, you see a lot of famous bloggers but because they’re famous they’re able to afford such expensive items of clothing, shoes, bags, food, holidays, etc. I want to show you that you can look amazing on a budget and live good on a budget. LMAO the word budget just sounds so cheap already but don’t worry I’ll have you all looking fabulous.

Sorry, I’m slightly going off topic and talking about my actual goals. The point to this post is to help others set goals and achieve them, don’t ever think you’re raising the bar too high or it’s unrealistic you can do anything you set your mind to. If you need help setting goals, let me know and I may be able to help or if you’re feeling like a bit of a lost soul in life and not sure what you’re destined for, chat to me. I’m always here seriously. Now I’ve set short term goals e.g. for tomorrow and the end of the week, along with long-term goals. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s in a good enough time frame, something you actually want to reach and set your mind to it. Feel free to comment with your goals or if you’ve set some after this post.

Goodnight guys, sleep tight and think positively. Brighter days always come xx





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