Let it go!

Hello everyone,

This is a very basic and short blog post, but I just wanted to thank those that take the time to read my blog or follow me. I also just wanted to say that I hope you’re all well and happy! I know everyone goes through hard times, sad times, rough times and we all get it. Sometimes it gets hard to always put on a smile or act happy, guess what you don’t always have to. Sometimes let your feelings go! Not all the time (obviously) but maybe once a month take some time out to cry, scream, laugh (in private before you look crazy) or even talk to someone.

I literally have a handful of people that I can almost always rely on to tell them things and let loose, everyone needs that. Just try not to hold it in, you’re not going to be a burden telling someone how you feel. See now you can either pick a complete stranger (depending on how brave you are) to let loose to, this way they can give you a brand new perspective outside ‘the box’ or pick someone close, a loved one, friend, family member (just make sure they can be trusted and that what is said will stay between you both).

Or you can record (voicenote) how you feel, type it, write it and read it yourself to overcome it. Just don’t keep it bottled up, because one day someone will shake you and you will fizz up! Well, I hope this helps someone out there, this post was literally just supposed to be me thanking you all and wishing you well but hey…

Sade xx



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