Don’t get used.

Good morning world. It’s Monday and it’s time to start a fresh, so you know I had to hit you all up with another blog post.

I would firstly like to apologise for not being as active as usual, I’ve just had a few personal things going on that have needed sorting first.

So enough about me, let’s focus on you guys. This year has been what I would like to call ‘The Year of L’s’ this basically means it’s been a terrible year! I’ve taken loses financially, physically and emotionally, you know the deal. But one of the main reasons for my loss in my opinion is because of the negativity I have allowed to play a part in my life. This for me, is mainly the people. The circle of friends I have had around me.

If you have negative energy around you, get rid of it. I’m telling you, you will feel so energised and revitalised it’s crazy! Now my main reason for getting rid of these negative people/vibes is because I couldn’t stand being used anymore. If you have people round you that only hit you up for favours, money, lifts (if you have a car), motives, etc get rid of them! Listen, they are not your friend if they don’t help you, that could be in the sense of just having them there to listen to you, to help push you to be a better person, to help motivate you, to help guide you. People that do those things are true friends.

Now, this is not an easy thing to do! So try to do it gradually, stop giving lifts if you do or charge, stop giving them things to do, stop helping them out, use that energy to focus on yourself and to help benefit you because they aren’t.

Change is always good, especially for the better. Don’t let others control you. Negative energy produces a negative person.

Be you, do you. Be a better you today than you were yesterday. Greatness has no boundaries and no time limit.


Sade xx



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