Okay, so you know I had to do a female version of my ‘fuckboys‘ post, now in my opinion this type of female can have two titles a ‘hoe‘ or a ‘bitch‘…sorry to my family members reading ha ha.

So I’m going to do this the exact same way as my previous post and this is to advise guys that they are dealing with one of the above ^

Now this may even shine some light on the ladies and you may realise that you, yourself are being one of the above…

A Hoe:-

1 – Doesn’t mind meeting you at any time of the day, mainly evening (I’m talking past 11pm).

2 – Talking/dealing with multiple men at a time (that’s right Jamal you’re not the only guy she’s hitting up).

3 – She’s ready whenever you are (I mean this sexually) you are a hoe if a dude wants to beat the first night he meets you and you agree, like wyd?

4 – She doesn’t mind not using a condom. PAUSE. What’s going on here bro, if she doesn’t mind not using one with you, you are not the only one…I smell STD’s!

5 – She will travel across the planet for sex. If a girl you just met is willing to do this, your ‘D’ is not as great as you think it is, she is just a hoe.

See now, this is where there is a difference…

A Bitch:-

1 – She doesn’t really want to meet up with you unless she’s benefiting from it e.g. you paying bruh.

2 – She’ll make you travel for her, ain’t no way she’s getting on public transport or wasting petrol to meet you boo boo.

3 – Doesn’t want to go to ‘bait’ places with you, this means she’s either hiding you because she really isn’t feeling you or she doesn’t want to bump into the other guys she’s talking to as well.

4 – You are in the friendzone. This is a zone you cannot exit. Once you enter there is no return! You are in the friend zone when a conversation goes a little something like this…

You: “hey baby”

Her: “Yo”

You: “How are you today beautiful”

Her: “Gd thnx, u”

You: “I’m good thanks, can I take you out today”

Her: “I’ll call you”

LMAO obviously some convos aren’t like that but you see my point, don’t force it. More time girls do not type like that so you should get the message straight away and YES I have replied to some guys like this.

5 – She also has plenty other guys on the go…

I know there are a lot more things I could of written but I couldn’t give up all of our secrets *evil laugh*

Well there you have it, hope you all enjoyed. Please do like and share xx


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