Fuck Boys



Hey friends, what’s up? I had to come back with a post for ya’ll!

So, I’m sure every girl, women, female, creature has dealt with a fuckboy before and here are a clues to let you know that you’re dealing with a fuckboy:

  • Saves your number as a nickname – Bitch if you do not see your whole name come up when he calls you or in his call log, he’s keeping you hidden for a reason.
  • Doesn’t hit you up all day, until late at night – What was he doing in the day that he couldn’t even reply back?!
  • Talks about himself all the time – If a dude doesn’t know simple things you have told him e.g. your birthday, siblings names, where you work; he isn’t that interested boo.
  • Doesn’t want to go out with you – Babe if  all he wants to do is chill in his car and doesn’t take you out or show you off, something is up…Abort mission!
  • Asks for nudes – Really? Don’t do it girls, you don’t know who’s group chat they may end up in!
  • His stories don’t add up – If he tries to say his battery died but his phone rang (there was a dial-tone) each time you called, he is lying booboo…
  • Rude to his mum – If a male treats his mother badly, why would you be any different?
  • Always late – If you and your dude are supposed to be  meeting up and he turns up 30mins + late without a legitimate excuse all the time…fuckboy
  • Doesn’t offer you things – Sorry this may be a personal pet-peeve but if a boy goes to a shop and doesn’t offer you anything…fuckboy! or if he has food and doesn’t offer you a lil bit…fuckboy!
  • Lacks common courtesy – doesn’t open a door for you…women you are special! Let a guy open the front door, shop door and car door for you.


These for me are things to note when dating or just seeing guys, so that you don’t waste your time dealing with a fuckboy 🙂





4 Comments Add yours

  1. TinzRant says:

    Love this so true a great description on what a fuck boy is and the actions that make them this. Look forward to reading future post from you. Check my post out when you get the chance 🙂


    1. ItsMeSadee says:

      Aww thank you! Happy to gain a new follower!! Will definitely check out your page 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. lool… well written!


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