Happy ~ My fave word this week


Heyy world, it is Tuesday afternoon here in the UK. As you know I tried to start a favourite word a week thing, sometimes (more often than not) I don’t stick to things…I’m sorry, I’m working on my consistency!!

Well any who, my favourite word this week is ‘Happy‘ because I have been using it soooo much!! Like literally I am very happy right now in my life, even though I feel like I’m on a roller-coaster, I have ups and downs every week, every day even but I’m alive. I’m alive, I’m well, I have things most people don’t and all in all I’m fortunate for my life!

When you look at life positively it really is life changing, it’s not everyday look at the things you don’t have or can’t get. This world is so materialistic and focused on the wrong things, if you focused your mind to the things you have that others don’t or the things you have achieved that others haven’t you would surprise yourself and potentially be happier.

I pray a lot as well which I believe helps me in my everyday life, I don’t practice my religion but I try to have a relationship with God. Right now in my life, I believe this is what I need. For me, I’m too young to be practicing a religion and restricting myself from things in the world, so I try my best to do good and continuously pray for guidance. I honestly could not care less for other peoples opinions whether it be religion, about me, anything. My mind is focused and set on what I want in life and now it’s taking the steps and risks to get there.

My advice to anyone reading would be:-

  • Put God first (if you believe in one)
  • You are number 1 after God – put you before others when necessary
  • Get rid of all that negative energy, friends, family, work, etc.
  • Eat well, live well and treat yourself occasionally
  • Keep a close circle of friends you can depend on
  • If you need help ask for it
  • If you want something go for it
  • Think happy, be happy

This post was kind of short but I hope it helps cheer someone up on this gloomy day, see now even though it’s gloomy it means you can go home after work, get under the covers and watch a movie!!

Enjoy your day people!

Don’t worry, be happy xx


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