21 Questions

Aye it’s Friday ya’ll!


Who’s turning up this weekend? I think I’m going to have a busy one, you know when you can just feel that it’s going to be hectic. I have a few little things up my sleeve for this weekend which I will tell you all about next week…

But for now, I just wanted you all to get to know me a bit better. Now I’m 21 years of age so I thought I would give you 21 facts about me:

1 – Where are you from? I am from London in the UK, I’m technically just on the boarder of London as I’m from Stanmore. For those of you that live in the UK and don’t know where that is, it’s the last stop on the Jubilee Line *long*

2 – What is your background (heritage)? I am 1/2 Jamaican (big up all ah mi Jamaican people dem), I am 1/4 Kittitian which is St Kitts an island in the West Indies and last but not least I am 1/4 English.

3 – Are you named after anyone? Yes, the singer Sade Adu

4 –  What is your eye colour, hair colour and how tall are you? I have dark brown eyes and currently my natural hair is light brown but my wig is navy blue. I am 5’6″.

5 – Do you have any siblings? Yes, I have 1 full sister, 2 half sisters and 3 half brothers (yes there are a lot of us!)

6 – Do you work? Yes, I have been working since age 17 and I currently work in the NHS (National Health Service) booking people for training courses.

7 – Favourite colour? Green, green always has and will forever be my favourite colour! The reason is because when I was younger I used to feel like the colour green was left out, like red and blue would always get picked or pink (I’m weird).

8 – Favourite music artist? I honeslty can’t choose an all time favourite but the person I currently listen to the most is Tory Lanez. Otherwise a few of my faves would be Aaliyah, Tupac, Popcaan, Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Beres Hammond, Tarrus Riley, Spice, J Capri, Rihanna and Drake.

9 – Do you have any pets? No, but I have had 2 hamsters called Cookie and (can’t remember the other, crap!), 1 cat called Lucky Pooky Lala and fish called Freddie and Lola.

10 – If you could be anything, what would you be? I would be a singer if I was good at singing!!

11 – Favourite Movie/ TV Show? My favourite movie would be SpaceJam as I used to love Looney Tunes and my favourite TV show is Holly Oaks, it’s always poppin!

12 – Claim to fame? Me and my sister won the 2013 UK Twerk Championships (bit of a shit claim to fame but we won, we were in newspapers and online)

13 – Greatest achievement? I have a few, my main ones are doing things myself such as getting a job, my car and my education.

12 – What are your hobbies? My hobbies are blogging, shopping, travelling, eating and chilling with friends or family.

13 – What is the first thing you notice about someone? Your #CrepGame! If the shoes your are wearing are dead, there is no point in talking to me. I’m sorry and I’m really working on trying to not be rude, but trainers/shoes are a big thing for me!

14 – Heels or Trainers? Trainers b, I love trainers! If I was rich I would have a walkin house for trainers it’s that real. But I don’t so for now I shall stick to shelves.

15 – Boys or Girls? Boys baby, I am straight. Although there are some beautiful women out there with nice bootys but mi like men.

16 – Favourite thing about yourself? I have two: my lips, I think they cute and my eyes because they are quite slanted and small.

17 – Are you single? Yes, lord help me.

18 – Annoying things about you? I am indecisive, I’m sorry. I’m rude, I can’t help it sometimes. I can also be quite childish, but hey.

19 – Do you have any piercings or tattoos? Yes, my lobes and a scaffolding piercing. I have had: Tongue (surface), Cartilage, Conch, Belly Button and a Micro Dermal in my arm.

I have 6 tattoos and getting 2 more in September, I have: An ‘S’ on my neck behind my ear for my sister. I have a rose stencil on the opposite side. I have my brothers birthday in Roman numerals on my collar bone, ‘All my Life’ my mum and dad’s wedding song on my shoulder, ‘Live with no excuses, love with no regrets’ on my inner arm and finally a ‘V’ with a pattern around it on my foot for my mum’s initial.

20 – What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be successful, happily married with a cute family and an amazing circle of friends. I want my own business in selling makeup and blogging…

21 – Are you happy? Overly, right now the space I’m in. I have real friends that are good to me and help me. I’m close with my family and somehow I’m able to block out negative energy which has been hard but I’m at a stage where if I don’t block it, it will subdue me. Put yourself first in everything you do, physically. Put God first in everything you do spiritually and you will get to where you want to be.

Well, that was hard… I hope that gives you more of an insight of me and what I’m about. Tell me a bit about yourselves too, are any of my followers from the UK?

I thought I would use this space for pics of me tehe





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