King Kylie has done it again…

That’s right, your girl Kylie Jenner is back with a new addition to her makeup collection and it’s smoking…

Kylie has recently released her eyeshadow which is called ‘The Bronze Palette’ which features some very warm neutral colours such as brown, taupe, black, auburn and cream. The Kyshadow sold out in 1 minute, and that my friends is what you call a new record!!

Well done to Kylie for adding to her collection, refining her collection and making it her own. If you guys follow Kylie on social media such as Snapchat, Instagram or even on her app you will see that she takes the time to go to the Lab and help create her products.

As always I can’t congratulate the girl anymore, her work rate is crazy, she’s beautiful and her body is banging. Hats off to you once again Kylie, she’s paving the way for young girls and becoming an inspiration to so many. For some of you thinking ‘but she’s rich‘ or ‘her families famous so she can start anythingstop hating and realise that to become famous you have to put in the work and Kylie has.

Keep going girl! I need to cop me some of these products, if any of you have purchased from the Kylie Cosmetics website, let me know how it went and what you ordered.

Stay pretty not petty xx





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