Coffee anyone?


Morning world, it is going to be around 10am here in London by time I have actually written this post. I’m at work like the common Londoner is; I work in the NHS in an office (fun). I can’t lie it actually is one of my favourite jobs that I’ve had, the people are good, work is good, environment is good, overall as you can see everything is good and I’m not looking for greatness in an office environment so I’m beyond content right now.

So my usual mornings mean me getting up early to reach here at 8:30am, I open all the rooms and then crack on with my admin duties. It usually hits around 9:30am when I have my first cup of coffee…WAKE UP…Sade 2.0 has entered the building

Does coffee have this affect on anyone else in the mornings? I swear to you, I can be falling as sleep at my desk, 1 cup of coffee and I’m on a whole new person. I know it’s supposed to give you a boost of energy but there’s so much more to having 1 cup of coffee every morning:

1- Boost energy levels

2- Help burn fat

3- Improve physical performance

4- Lower risk of diseases e.g. diabetes, heart disease, cancer

5- Help fight depression

Who knew 1 cup a day could have so many benefits and there are quite a few more, well I just made a fresh cup so I’m going to be a lil hyper in about 30mins…

I am happier so it must be working, any way everyone have an amazing day and drink some coffee to keep you going if you need it or if you just need that little boost!!



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