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That time of the week again my friends, I know I haven’t done a fave in a while but I got some good people coming your way. So, this week my faves are sisters which are sending the social media world crazy with their curves.

We have the Rogers sisters, Ciera and Chriss Zoe. Ciera has almost 1 million followers and she has been followed by the likes of Blac Chyna, Miracle Watts and many more. Her sister Chriss is now starting to gain a lot of followers and very quickly.

Both sisters have their own clothing lines @shopchrisszoe and @babesandfelines on Instagram go ahead and check them out, Kim Kardashian has been known to wear a lot of Babes and Felines outfits whilst pregnant. The figure hugging clothing not only shows off your curves but it is so stylish and trendy.

These two are a great inspiration for women of colour and women of a curvier shape, breaking down barriers is what we like to see. Working together and supporting one another is a great thing to have when achieving success. Not everyone is built the same, we all come in different shades, with different hair and shapes so let’s start being positive and showing off what we have rather than hiding it!

If you’re curvy don’t be shy to show your curves, you may be on the larger side who cares?! Appreciate yourself and show yourself off to the world, you may be skinny or slim show yourself off!! Because if you can’t who can? Love you first before you let others, appreciate the skin and body you’re in. We all have insecurities and all have flaws but love them!

Any who, that’s my main reason for loving these two! They’re not afraid to show off their bodies no matter what people think and Ciera started her own clothing line because most clothes didn’t fit her properly. Now, not only is she showing off her body, she gets paid to do so!!

Appreciate yourselves guys xx



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