Music Lovers

What is up people, I had to do this post as this week has been the hottest of the year so I had to bring to you some hot new music and artists.

Alright alright, I’m going to give you a small list of artists and their songs that I have been playing all week on repeat. Now I live in the UK so I have both American and UK favourite artists for this week. Tbh one of them is going to be my fave for the whole year…

Let’s get started, in no particular order:-


Tory Lanez

Favourite songs this week: LUV and Controlla remix. His remix to Controlla is mad, if you haven’t heard it yet please go away right this second and soak it in!! For me it’s better than the original, it sounds more suited to him, and he literally flew with the song!




Favourite song this week: CRZY and I have an all time fave which is The Way ft Chance the Rapper

This girl is a rising star! She’s been out for a while now and killing the music industry, paving the way for young artists, she’s a free spirit with crazy tatts and she’s super pretty!!





Favourite song this week: Thinking of you, Mabel is very talented to say the least! Another young artist paving the way for others in the R&B music industry, just like Kehlani she is also very beautiful.



Krept & Konan, Jeremih and Stefflon Don >>

Favourite song this week:– London, these 4 artists both UK and American have come together to create a banger! Go have a listen…




Ro James XIX

Favourite song this week: Permission, Yoo when I say this song will have you in your feelings, missing your ex, thinking about your first kiss (if you can remember)! This dude is going to kill it, watch this space…



Abra Cadabra



Favourite song this week: Black box remix, this song has actually been out for a while now but they have just released the video for the remix featuring Krept & Konan! This song will make you do a madness when you listen to it, make sure your enemies are no where near you when you take this in haha


Well these are my favourites for this week, go check them out if you haven’t already. Go show your support and let me know who you’re feeling this week. I’m into all types of music so let me know !

Have a good weekend xx




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