Oh. Irrelevant.


When you have to slow it down for them ^^

Guess what people, if someone takes the time and energy out of their life to comment about you publicly, you’re doing something great! I don’t care what anyone says, you’re doing something right.

There are people in this world  ‘HATERS’ that will comment, like and share your picture but then screenshot it and bitch about you in their group chat. There are people out there that will indirect you, and then claim it was about someone else when you ask them straight up. There are people out there that will leave nasty comments under your pics but still like the photo. The people that do this are sad, and clearly have no life to be commenting on your greatness. People that hide behind screens and troll on the internet but when they see you in person they start hiding behind bushes or walking in the other direction.

See now, people will never know what you’re really doing! They see a glimpse of it on social media and assume things. Like “Ooo did you see that pic of her and him, they’re defo together she’s a hoe” but these times it’s a picture of you and your brother…

Sometimes you have to make it clear to the people that still stalk your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook…thisiskindairrelevantivealwaysconsidered_e42c9de7be0c29aa3a0c81db5d8512e5

To those out there that still pree other people, still watch what others do and bitch about it…



Take it in xx


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