Kiss me?


Tehe I’m back already, what’s up guys? It’s a gloomy in the UK today, the sky is grey, it’s wet and strangely humid at the same time. It’s 10:05 am and I have decided to write a post.

Today I am coming to you with ways to look after that pout. I will try my best to help you all make those lips more enticing, trust me when I say that 9/10 times a boy will stare at your mouth during conversation. Not that you want to make them nicer for the opposite sex but there’s not harm in giving it a go.

Alright let’s start off, I do not pick at my lips or bite them! When I say this I mean I don’t get cracked or chapped lips often because I ensure my lips are always moisturised. If on the odd chance they are chapped, I use either of the following to help restore them: Carmex (plain or cherry), Vaseline (blue or green lid) and if I don’t have either of those any lip balm will do.

So now that we’ve got the moisturising part down and the easy maintenance, let’s talk colours and makeup. Now depending on what I’m wearing is how I will pick a colour, depending on my mood or the weather is how I pick the texture e.g. matte, liquid, gloss or stick.

My go to is an off nude, with a brown lip liner. It helps your lips appear smoother and significantly larger/plumper. I advise all to have a go to nude and lip liner. If you’re going on a first date, meeting friends, going shopping and even chilling a nude is always the best resort.

Colours that shouldn’t be matte: black, blue, purple etc. The way some matte lipsticks or glosses are should not be in these colours because after about an hour + it begins to dry out and rub off leaving flakes all over your lips (not a good look!). I have worn these colours and had this issue many times, what’s more annoying is the colours come out so vibrant but they just then ruin your lips.

My favourite brands for makeup for my lips would be: MAC, NYX, Revolution, LA Girl, Rimmel and Beautybase. These are just a few but they are really good! MAC would be the most expensive but it lasts a very long time and the others are averagely priced and last just as long 🙂

I hope this helps, let me know if any of your lips improve or even if a guy compliments your lips!!

Enjoy your day beauties xx


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  1. I always feel like my lips look poutier when I apply a lip liner first. Especially if it’s a red lip shade, THE ABSOLUTE BEST.


    1. ItsMeSadee says:

      Yes!! Same, I line before and after 🙂

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