Sorry but who watched Love and Hip Hop Atlanta yesterday? In the UK it’s usually always up on sites for us to view on a Tuesday (for those of you that didn’t know). The best links to watch it on are: Mrworldpremiere or ddotomen.

So too many things went on in yesterdays episode, I had to make a list to summarise:-

  • Steve J and Joseline  have finally let loose that they never were or have been married!!! Is anyone feeling hurt about being lied to? Also Joseline lied to Mimi (her new found buddy) that Stevie had 2 other kids out there. Now come on there are just certain things you don’t do and especially to someone when they are trying to help you. Joseline was out of order for that!
  • Scrap de Leon got sentenced to 20 years imprisonment 😦 sorry bruh! Kids this is a heads up to what the consequences are for trying to do an illegal act.
  • Scrappy let everyone know what was on his mind regarding the transgender community which offended a few, but he cleared it up (a little bit). I can’t lie, I love the fact he had an opinion and stood up for it, people that make statements then hide when they’re called out bug me too much!
  • Mimi and Stevie J have been getting closer than ever and were on the search to solve the mystery of the 2 kids that Stevie may have. Turns out one women went to the blogs stating Stevie slept with her and that was her claim to fame and her way to get noticed by Stevie. Pause.

What is going on in this day and age that you feel the need to create lies to ruin lives? Some crazy lady took to the blogs for fame and to be noticed by a man! Another created lies to make the same man be put on child support. Ladies in this day and age most men do not care or whatever you attempt to do to get at them does not work! Men somehow outsmart women when we try to get them back, just don’t do it. Why are you wasting your time and energy when you can just pause and take yourself out of the situation?

Think smart ladies, please it’s starting to get embarrassing for viewers to watch!!

Any who next  week’s episode is looking good, kind of just want the reunion to be now because I know that will pop off!!!

Let me know your thoughts on the latest episode and who your favourites are!!



Peace xx



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