The Curry’s

You know I had to come with my favourites for this week!

Usually it’s someone but I chose to do a whole family, can you really get any better than the Curry’s? Look how  cute their kids are! If you haven’t seen videos of Riley Curry then you’re missing out, this little 3 year old has a huge personality. Well having a dad like Stephen and mum like Ayesha it was bound to happen…

Now if you don’t know who Steph Curry is you might as well stop reading. Just kidding keep reading, keep reading. Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player who is the MVP for the Golden State Warriors, dude is talented beyond words. Ayesha Curry is his beautiful wife who is a former actress and model. They have two daughters Riley and Ryan Curry.

Yo this couple is just all kinds of cute, I mean they are in the public eye at all times yet their family always comes first. That’s important in any lifestyle you come across but when it gets mixed with fame and money it’s hard to put first. Yet they have managed to not only over power that but use it to their advantage which is amazing to see.

See I like to tell you guys who my favourites are each week to give you an insight about me and what I like on social media or who I like. I get my favourites from either other blogs, vlogs, instagram, twitter etc. It does get hard picking people that are doing good and not just using their fame for more money and that’s what I try to promote. They might not be celebs but it’s more than likely that they will be but I will try to do some normal favourites like my friends, family or encouraging stories and people I have come by.

Well that’s all for my favourites this week, go check them out as they have had the social media world in a frenzy this morning!!

Let me know who your favourites are and why 🙂




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