A bad week to say the least…

Yoo people of the bloggosphere, how are you doing on this dull ass day?!

Well I can tell you that I’m bored and you know when you get bored your mind just starts wondering off… So I thought let me chat to my people online 🙂

Basically I have had one extremely stressful week, I won’t get into it because it is personal but I wanted to share my thoughts on my experience and ways to deal with things. Okay so I can tell you my stress was caused by a family circumstance (extra stress) and caused me to end up leaving work (hella stress).

Now I don’t know who you are in your family but I’m like the go to, the rock, the fixer. I feel like I’m the one that holds my family together, I’m firm, I’m ruthless and I’m consistent so everyone comes to me for advice. Mainly for the same situations but you get the gist. For some this may be a completely different situation, you may be the dependent, the nuisance, the child or someone else haha. Trust me families consist of different people, you get the annoying brothers, the bullies, the jokers, the lovers etc.

So yeah, I’m the go to for most things: advice, lifts, help, money the list goes on!! Now the situation I was in this week I was fine with on the day. I was the one sorting out everything and keeping everyone updated and helping everyone else focus their thoughts and stress to learn to relax. To me sometimes situations aren’t as deep (bad) if you picture yourself as an outsider. Therefore I try to help people picture the situation from all different angles, different people with different views. It helps because you then find the root and you can analyse a way to fix it (if you don’t have time to, try to make a wise decision).

Now as I said I was fine with the situation on the day…The next day came and I couldn’t deal, everyone from the day before had rinsed me of my energy. I spent like an hour crying, I’m not ashamed to say because if I hadn’t let that emotional energy go; I would either be a wreck or an angry ball of fire. What I’m trying to say is no matter which person you are in your family once a stressful situation arises, channel your energy/stress into something positive and if you need to let it go – cry, shout and scream!!! Let that negative energy evaporate.

It helps. Help yourself first to then help others, you can only take on as much as you physically, emotionally and mentally can. YOU always come first, look after you then deal with others, only if you can though, only if you’re capable.

If anyone on here finds themselves in a difficult or stressful situation, feel free to hit me up! I’m not a counsellor or anything but it’s worth a shot to have someone to listen to you and I’m here for anyone. Literally too many people shy away and don’t let people know how they feel, I don’t know you out there so feel free to tell me whatever I won’t judge and I’ll try to help within my means. Obviously if you’re going to tell me stupidness like your plan for world domination I will not reply or I’ll just send a couple psychiatrists numbers your way.

Anyway I hope this helped someone out there today, tomorrow or in the future.

Enjoy your day and weekend, if anything is poppin let me know.

Deuces xx


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