It’s Butter Madness

Hello World, today I am bringing to you my beauty must haves that are for my face. Basically what moisturisers I use…

I strangely get asked a lot about my complexion and my skin, things like “how come you don’t have any spots” or “your skin is so good and clear” in which I usually reply “babes it’s the makeup, shh”.

So I wanted to share my not so secret, secrets 🙂

For those of you that don’t know, my ethnicity is Black Caribbean and White. I am half Jamaican (big up yourselves), 1/4 white and 1/4 Kittitian (St Kitts in the West Indies). So I am one of those from the amazing black race that love things like Chicken, Watermelon and use cocoa butter (I used to get teased for such ridiculous things).

Funny enough cocoa butter is one of the most amazing things for your skin, along with shea butter. So what I do is, I’ve kind of created my own lotion which is pure coconut oil, raw shea butter and olive oil. So it’s really oily and smooth.

I literally dab my finger into this mix and rub it all over my face, this is usually after I have freshly washed my face. Try to not let your face dry out for over 30 seconds as the moisture usually soaks into your skin better when wet or damp.

If you want just use cocoa butter or shea butter by themselves and watch the results you get. I hope this helps someone out there as it’s worked wonders for me!

Much love, Sade xxx



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