Tea ~ Don’t spill it

What’s popping everyone, basically as you all know I have kind of flopped my healthy eating from my previous blog post; but I have started again!

I started again on Monday, I was doing really well previously and lost 6lbs (in 1 week) and then I thought “Let me treat myself”… Don’t treat yourself, it’s a trap! I put back on 4lbs from eating common Nando’s, common grilled chicken thighs and I put on 4lbs!!

Clearly you can see I’m not very happy with the outcome of my foolish idea, so I have now started again. I have written down my starting weight and taken progress pictures which I will post later (sorry it took so long!). I have downloaded the best app in the world ‘My Fitness Pal’ this is the best thing for me, it allows you to note what you eat, drink , exercise etc. Basically it’s amazing! So I am back on it, and I have started working out and going on walks around my area 🙂

This post actually has nothing to do with the picture but whenever I think of tea, I think of that meme LMAO. So this post is actually about if you are trying to diet or eat healthier, there are some teas out there that can help you along with this.

Ditch the fizzy drinks!

Here are 2 of my favourite teas that have plenty of benefits:-

Green Tea: Can make you smarter, increases fat burning and improves physical performance, lowers risk of diseases and can kill unwanted bacteria!

Peppermint Tea: Reliever of stress, helps you sleep, better concentration, can help lose weight, can relieve sinuses, soothe stomach aches and  clear skin!

Now I like the taste of each but if you don’t just remind yourself of all the benefits you’ll be receiving by drinking them. I hope this post helped someone out there, if you want to join me on my loosing weight challenge, let me know and we can do it together!



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