My Faves ~ Met Gala 2016

What’s up guys?

I’m a bit late I know, but hey I’m still going to post who I thought wore it best at the Met Gala this year. Let’s begin with singles, so those that to me looked fabulous by themselves. Bare in mind that the Met Gala’s theme for this year was ‘Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology’.


kylie-jenner-met-gala-2016Kylie Jenner for me is in 1st place, this was her first ever appearance at a Met Gala and boy did she work it! Kylie is wearing an outstanding Balmain dress, with a stylishly cut bob to match by the great TokyoStylez.

Kylie really took the ‘Beauty is pain’ to a whole other level with this dress as she later posted a picture on Instagram of how the dress had left scratches all over her legs. However she did look stunning so it was totally worth it!



Joan Smalls would be 2nd for me, she killed this look. She looks absolutely amazing, sexy and sleek all at once. Love this Balmain piece also, he seemed to be a very popular designer at the Met Gala this year.

Loving the sleek back hair look, her stylist is clearly a genius as the small things are really standing out such as her shoes, earings and her across the finger rings.


met-gala-2016-1My 3rd would have to go to Taylor Swift for branching out and going for an edgy, dark but sexy look. Usually Taylor is always depicted as the innocent one (except when it comes to men) so I’m happy that she went somewhere new in this Louis Vuitton ensemble.





My 4th would have to go to Claire Danes wearing an unbelievable light up dress by Zac Posen. Claire looks flawless and I have nothing else to comment other than that she looked amazing.



And finally my 5th would go to the other Jenner sister, Kendall wearing Versace. When does Kendall not look good?! Seriously this family is getting annoying, even their dad looks better than me *cries*




I now would like to take this time to appreciate my favourite couples at the Met Gala 2016:




Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid wearing Versace and Tommy Hilfiger.




I couldn’t forget about Bella Hadid and The Weekend, they are wearing all black Givenchy.




Last but by no meas least Kim and Kayne West wearing Balmain.


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