Food for thought

Hey guys, how are we all doing today?

Well, I have had quite an amazing day. Well for me it was a happier day then most. I told myself this morning I would have a good day and I did.  I had a work meeting for 4 hours today which flew by and meant I only had to work for 3 hours! If you work in a busy environment you will know how quickly time flies when you’re busy. I then got the good news from someone telling me I’ve got something I’ve really been wanting… and then my friend asked me to do their hair which meant I had a little extra money in my pocket. Finally, to top all of that off I ordered Sigma brushes back last year but they didn’t completely get delivered to my address so they got shipped back, I totally forgot about them and today the Sigma team emailed me that I will receive a refund!!

So yeah to me, I had a great day because little things were falling into place, and I made a little extra money. Any who that’s my day for you, so with those small things that made my day complete and quite a bit better, I thought let me try and encourage others to have better days.

See now, some people may have thought this ‘Man, a work meeting for 4 hours, how boring? Then I have to rush to complete my work in 3 hours. Now this girl wants me to do her hair and I’m gonna be tired. How the heck have Sigma only just remembered my refund?!’

Did you see how I flipped it?

Basically what I’m trying to say is, try to look at things from a different viewpoint. Try to see the good rather than the bad. Start your day off by telling yourself it will be a good day. I can almost promise you your day will be, life sometimes really is about your perspective. Don’t let others allow your perspective to change, if someone else is in a mood let them join your happiness, let them join the mind state you are in.

Help yourself to help others be happy and positive. What you put into the world you will get back. Put out happy thoughts and receive happy things in return.

I hope this helped someone today.

If it did, let me know by commenting, liking and following my page.

Don’t worry, be happy.



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