And he’s done it again! An outstanding performance from Britain’s main man Anthony Joshua, although it was no surprise. If you follow Anthony and his journey you would know that since his last fight with Whyte he was coming back better, more focused and determined!!

I can’t lie the only disappointing thing about this match was the fact it finished so quickly but clearly AJ wasn’t having it, he took that title and he’s doing it justice. As he said “That belt is a sign of identity, that belt doesn’t represent you” He came correct with that line, because it represents him!! He is an amazing boxer, not only does he love and have passion for his craft, he is one hundred percent a hard worker and he deserved to win last night! Anthony is well-known from my area and all people say is how lovely he is and how humble, it’s lovely to see him going so far and striving to reach his dreams. He is a true inspiration not only to myself but to many, and I’m a female so that’s saying quite a lot.

After watching last night and many of his matches before, I have finally told myself to not keep saying “I’ll start tomorrow”, I’m just going to go for what I want and so should many others in this day and age. You have to work for what you want, never give up. It’s your journey, it’s your story make it worth while.



#AnthonyJoshua #AJ #AJBoxing #AndtheNew #16



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