King Kylie 👑


How does she do it? Literally this girl seems to be having an affect on everyone especially me! When I think she can’t do anymore, she goes and proves me wrong. When I say work ethic, this girl is on a role. I am too happy I went on instagram when I did, and if you haven’t yet you are missing out!

That’s right, King Kylie (Kylie Jenner) has now created a ‘GLOSSES‘ video!! This video is amazing and that is the truth, maybe it’s because I like her fashion sense and the vibe she gives off as a person but she killed this look for me. From the LV headscarf, to the huge fur jacket, to the bad girl click and money what more could girls ask for in a video? I mean she could’ve just thrown in little eye candy, I dunno maybe a quick clip of Justin Bieber or something but other than she slayed this video.

I have to take my hat off to Kylie she is killing the game.

#KingKylie if you agree with me at the bottom of this post!

Also lemme know if any of you guys have brought the lip glosses and what they’re like, because I’m still waiting to get one (hint hint any loved ones reading).

Please like, comment and share beauties 👑👑👑


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