Makeup Tips ~ “How do I hide my uneven skin tone?”



When faking a flawless complexion, most of us layer on the concealer and foundation, which then starts to make us feel ‘cakey’ as if we’ve put on way too much. Well guess what there are now colour correctors which can help balance, brighten and neutralise different skin tones.

The best way to explain colour correctors is to think of them like a colour wheel and which ones go together, so I have listed each of the colours and what they are used for:

Red patches on your face are usually reactions to an irritant, the weather or stress. A green-based cream is the best for this as the shade counteracts redness. It can be used as a concealer for spots, or as an all-over pre-foundation base.

Alternatively, you could try a yellow-based corrector which helps neutralise red, blue and purple tones, which is ideal for those who suffer from dark bags under the eyes. It’s also good for creating a seamless base on eyelids if they are slightly red. Yellows also help those of a darker skin tone to cover redness.

Orange is another great alternative for dark circles if you are of a darker complexion, try to apply in thin layers for a better effect.

Finally, you could try purple (don’t be put off; it’s more lilac than purple). It’s brilliant for brightening a yellow complexion, so it’s perfect for olive and Mediterranean skin types.

Hopefully that puts an end to your pigment problems – and questions about uneven skin tones. In case you were wondering I use the LA Girl Pro Conceal Correctors in Orange and Green and as my usual concealer I use the colour Cool Tan.

Let me know what you different concealers or colour correctors you use. Also if you have any tips I could share or suggestions let me know!


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