Life ~ I miss the past

Have you ever just sat and thought to yourself all the good things that you experienced when you were younger? I usually start to day dream about the past when my present situation isn’t working out and I found myself doing exactly that today.

I haven’t had it that easy recently, nothing too bad just some medical¬†issues and a lil friendship stumble. See now I’ve realised that I actually take my health for granted, I don’t care what I eat, I don’t care what I do to my body and that’s had an affect on me. At the moment I don’t know how big that affect is but I’m hoping not that huge. I’ve also realised that¬†I take my friends for granted (sometimes) like most people and even my family.

Literally all day I have been thinking about things like school and how easy it seems now. Do you ever think back to when you were like 16 having conversations with your friends like ‘I wonder who’s going to get married first’ ‘I wonder who’s going to have a baby first’ and then you look¬†now thinking I guess I didn’t get either of those questions right!!¬†I swear being younger, the hardest decisions were who to pick in your group¬† in school to do a presentation or what to wear on non-uniform day (even though you still looked a hot mess).¬†Being young and na√Įve has it’s perks; you don’t think much about the consequences of your actions and even now it’s still hard to really work out what they can lead to.

All I can say is that friends and family don’t last! I don’t want to be a Debbie downer¬†but things really do change, I don’t mean that in the sense like ‘friends and family suck’ I mean that as in you don’t know when your last moment with someone is going to be. Don’t take it for granted.¬† Don’t let something bad be the reason you start to think of all the good, don’t let death be the reason you start to remember someone, don’t let illness be the reason you start to remember to watch your health. Although sometimes it helps to have small reminders of the things we take for granted, don’t let it be a reminder you wish you didn’t have.

My main reason for writing this post is to hopefully help others remember the good times, but to¬†try¬†and make them¬†ones you¬†remember regularly. Use your friends and family for what they are there for, use them for their purpose. Love them and create more happy memories, don’t let the ones in the past be the only ones you share. Everyone dwells on the past, but don’t let it ruin your present and mess up your future.

Enjoy the present to create a happy future and a memorable past. ~ Sade Champness



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  1. Nag says:

    Very insightful. I am sure many will relate to this. I LOVE IT.


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