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3 Steps for removing makeup or applying makeup:-

1 – Cleanse – remove all dirt from face whether it be using a cleansing lotion, liquid or wipes. Cleansing water works well with sensitive skin and also helps remove makeup such as liner and mascara more easily than lotions.

2 – Tone – toner is great for people with oily or acne prone skin as it helps shrinks pores. It also restores your skins ph balance, adds a layer of protection when applying makeup and helps moisturise the skin.

3- Moisturise – moisturising is a priority in my opinion for removing or applying makeup as it provides a barrier on your skin which prevents oils from escaping and keeps harmful elements from drying out your skin. Try to avoid using body lotions on your face as this can cause break outs or irritation. When buying moisturiser make sure you purchase one suited to your skin e.g. oily, dry or combination (both).

Please note when completing your skin care routine whether it be morning or night or both, please perform this quickly as leaving your skin bare for 1 minute can cause dehydration in your skin. Also many people avoid using moisturiser at night to allow their ‘Skin to breathe’ however using moisturiser at night is very important, as at nigh time your skin is best at restoring which allows the moisturiser to soak deeper into your skin.

Let me know your night time/ morning routines or what products work best for you. At the moment I am using Simple cleansing lotion, toner and moisturiser along with cotton pads. These for me work great but if you have any other suggestions please let me know, my skin type I would say is a combination of both oily and dry which is why I use these products. These can be purchased from most beauty supply stores, if you live in the UK any Superdrug or Boots should have these.

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Goodnight beauties.




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  1. That is a great procedure but I must suggest using Olivu 426 Avocado Oil Cleanser since it connects step 1 (cleansing) and step 3 (moisturizing) together! Apart from that, the Avocado Oil is also an anti-aging serum, you can read more about serums and oils on our “Top 5 Serums & Oils for Anti-Aging” –

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