Karrueche Tran – My new fave

Now where do I begin…Other than all the BS this beautiful women went through with Chris Brown, can we please now get over that and start focusing on all that she is trying to do.

Karrueche is fast becoming everyone’s new favourite it girl. I don’t blame them, not only is she stunning but she’s funny and has a lot of attitude for someone so tiny; I love it! From her fashion sense, her style, to her beauty and smile.

It’s rumoured that Karrueche will appear on America’s Next Top model as the new judge however she doesn’t seem to be giving anything away yet. Not only has she had two feature stories in Elle, she also co-stars in the Emmy Award winning web series The Bay The Series amongst many other thingsSo for all you haters out there it seems like she’s more than a pretty face.





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  1. Soph says:

    OMG.. I am obsessed with Karrueche (I even have her on snapchat lol!) She is gorgeous and a beauty icon in my books 🙂 And even better, she seems so sweet. Love it!


    1. ItsMeSadee says:

      Literally my fave atm!! She’s stunning and really does seem sweet! Thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I thought antm was over after this recent season . that isn’t true ?


    1. ItsMeSadee says:

      Hmm it might not be but I’ve seen it out there, hence why it says rumour 🙂 I hope it’s true!

      Liked by 1 person

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