Love & Hip Hop

Love & Hip Hop Season 6 the Reunion

If you haven’t watched it yet don’t worry I’m going to give you a quick replay…

So first thing is first which they actually showed last, the CEO of #CreepSquad also known as Peter Gunz now has another child on the way with Amina Buddafly. Guess that’ll shut Tara up!! Sorry guys I am team #Amina. Although in my opinion they are both very foolishly in love women, they both need to get over Peter and just work out a co-parenting schedule


Things got a little heated between Yandy and Rasheeda over Remy Ma. Do you know what I love about the whole show, no one could ever start with Remy because they know what’s up. But everyone else is ready to fight each other over her. It’s a bit crazy that they are both basically fighting over who is a better friend to Remy. It looks like Rasheeda is completely over Yandy and her fake personality… will they make up in Season 7 maybe?

More beef happened between BBOD, Cardin B and Mariah Lynn. Looks like Mariah Lynn weighs more than 5lbs Lexy! Shoes were thrown all over the place but it seems like Moe wasn’t the one to start anything this time which is a good sign, I hope. Cardio B also took it into her own hands to have one of the audience members escorted by security as she finished her speech with ‘Look at you, now you’re watching me Bitch’ now if that doesn’t motivate you I don’t know what will.

Moving on CreepSquad is back and in half action as Richie D seems to care more about his daughter than his boys but you can’t blame him, he’s finally growing up. Cisco has also made up with his boy Rich Dollarz and Peter seems to not really know what’s going on. Considering each of their ages I think #CreepSquad needs to be #SettlingDownSquad, is it too much to ask for the next season?

The next episode of the reunion looks crazy, parents beefing, more secrets and more surprises.

Stay tuned.


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