It’s been so long

So, it has literally been ages since my last post which is a bit crazy! I can’t even think of all the things I have been doing since my last post. Unfortunately I am not yet a billionaire…not even close to be honest *cries in I’m broke*. I’ve made a few new friends, lost a few as you do. But I’ve realised I stopped something that I actually really enjoyed, I like writing and I like having an audience. For me this is where I can write whatever I want and not be judge (not an internet warrior).

Therefore I am going to start again and continue where I left off. Over the past year makeup has become a real hobby of mine, so I will be writing tips on that. I have started a YouTube channel so there will be tutorials and what not on there. I will also keep you updated with things in the world…interesting things to me not depressing news such as death or killings or wars. More like are Kylie Jenner’s lips too big now, has Chris gotten back with Karrueche, is Tupac still alive ?

Well anyway before this gets too long, if you’re interested in the things I write please carry on reading and let me know also anything you would like me to write about.


im back


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