Keep Moving Forward


Okay so my whole post today is based on the picture above (not a great picture but it’s the meaning behind what I’m about to write).

Today I had a bad morning and I kept dwelling on the bad experiences I had had that morning until the afternoon, and guess what? My day didn’t get any better. I was then told by someone very close to me to let it go and to keep moving forward with my day and to be honest I didn’t want to. But this time my stubborn self actually listened and it made a huge difference. I wanted to share this experience to help others to keep moving forward and not to dwell on the past but to live in the now and look forward to the future.

My day started badly because I had forgotten to take lunch to work, with my lunch I usually pack snacks so I don’t starve throughout the day. I then got to work and the calls were non-stop. One phone call, a women actually told me how to do my job, this I found hilarious and then about 5 minutes later I was annoyed. I then started to get an itchy throat so I kept coughing, also had forgotten my hay fever tablets so my hay fever was acting up and it then began to pour down with rain outside. The weather basically felt how I did and I just wanted to escape, go home, wrap up warm and lay in bed all day.

Whenever I feel like this I’m lucky because I actually have someone I can tell all of this to and today they told me to let go of everything bad I felt and to cheer up, otherwise my day will go slower and get worse. So I tried to cheer myself up, started interacting with my colleagues, making jokes, being a lot friendlier on the phone (my usual self) and it worked.

I felt better, my work environment felt more enjoyable, the day went quicker and on top of all of that on my lunch break I did a scratch card and won £2.00!!! Okay it doesn’t seem like that much but the fact that I’ve never won, that £2.00 meant quite a lot to me.

So anyway that was my day, I bet you’re wondering what the picture has to do with any of the crap I just wrote, but basically it means that even when your down in the dumps, to keep your head up and to keep moving forward. If it’s raining outside and you need to get home you’re not just going to stop and stand in the rain, you will keep on the path you set out to do no matter what the weather may bring. So always keep on the path you had set yourself no matter what circumstances come your way.

I understand that this can be very hard, but sometimes it helps if you have someone there as on outlet for your feelings. Mine is my boyfriend and I hope I’m his. It helps me a lot to have someone there to tell my feelings to no matter how upsetting, embarrassing or stupid they make me feel. Always make sure you express yourself (in a suitable way of course) and your feelings, don’t keep anything bottled up because one day you’ll fizz over and you will be forced to spill the beans my friend.


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